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Ideas, Methods, Processes, and even project work... Just about any topic related to the improvement and advancement in modeling can be found here. Examples include but are not limited to Narratives, Photographs, and Illustrations. Submissions are welcome! Anything submitted may be used and considered part of this section. In these instances, material is subject to being edited prior to posting.


The Man Who Rode the Thunderstorm


DLA Engine Operating Procedures

Be sure to follow the manufacturer's engine operations manual. Do not use anything less than 7.4 volts on the DLA ignition modules. Attempting to use a 4.8 volt pack or anything less than the recommended voltage may result in the prop bolts being sheared off. THe woodruf key that retains the prop hub from spinning will damage the prop hub as the propeller and hub slip back and forth "rock" as the engine enters the compression and power strokes. DLA specifies a 2S Lipo (7.4 volt) for powering the DLA Ignition module.




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