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There are so many categories of propeller  and sizes within each category, it is taking a little longer to build "cart" buttons with "drop-down selections to accommodate them all. We are asking customers to email their requests and we will respond with a quote and payment instructions. We use PayPal and of course accept checks and money orders.

Click on any of the Images below to see available sizes and corresponding pricing.

A Word Document "down-load" will begin. Once it is finished, save it. Using the document, select the style and quantity of props you want and then email the form back to us. We will fill in the totals and return it to you and provide instructions for payment.

Xoar Propellers 

BeechWood, Laminated, Three-Blade, Pusher, Carbon, Electric



Falcon Propellers 


This is a new and developing site. If anything is of interest, please let us know by contacting Ron's Hangar.

Payment methods: Pay securely through PayPal, Money Order, Check

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