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About Us


What we hope to accomplish with this site is to provide a place for all who have a common interest, a passion for the Model Aviation hobby. Our goal is to solicit cooments, questions, concerns, ideas, and offer assistance to aid the modeler, designer, and builder alike. Our company is authorised by Xi'an Feiao Model Co., Ltd. as a distributor, exlusively for DLA Engiens.

We fly and test our rpoducts at the Space Coast Aero modeling Park in Rockledge, FL, The Aero modeling Park is located in the Central Disposal Facility located at 2250 Adamson Road, Cocoa, Fl. Known to the Indian River Kontrol Society (IRKS) club members, the "524 Site" is a plush, all grass field, open and unobstructed. IRKS offers areas for Control-Line, Park flyers and Helicopters, as well as Giant Scale, Jets and large scale modeling facilities.

I am a lifetime member of The Academy of Model Aeronautics, a member of IRKS and also fly models at the "524 site". For details of the IRKS club and location of the flying field, visit the IRKS web site. I carry some inventory with me so if you need anything or just want to be friendly, Let's talk!

We have been involved with modeling for over four decades and a lifetime member of the Academy of Model Aviation.

In my own time, I am a master mechanic, craftsman, and woodworker. Whatever I do or make, “it has to be perfect”! At least that’s what they tell me. But "Hey!!" isn't that true about any modeler?? Just to remind myself that nothing can be perfect, some of the time I come up short. But that is the way it is when experimenting with models, right??

Mechanical objects intrigue me and everything else makes me curious! I have to know how something was made and works. As a youngster, I was noted for always taking things apart to see how it worked. Even today, I will catch myself with an over-compelling desire to take that darn access panel off the back just to see how well it was made. When things break, I don’t just throw it away… Nope, that is all the excuse I need to... disassemble!. The best learning experience is to perform, what is known as “failure analysis”. I have to take it apart and see what broke and determine why it broke. From the resulting analysis, improvements can be determined, and often made.

I am a commercial, instrument rated pilot and ground instructor. I have an understanding of how airplanes fly, "rules of the airspace", and an appreciation of the safety concerns involving model flight in the national airspace system. Model flying and real airplane flying definitely complement each other!

I have built and designed a number of models during my years of modeling, everything from stick and tissue to scratch-building to almost ready-to-fly (ARF) models. Completing the repertoire include the latest in Almost Ready-To-FLy (ARF) design/construction to the Receiver Ready (Rx-Ready) and transmitter ready (Tx-Ready) models.

“Helicopters”… Now there is a mechanical system with every moving part spinning, twisting, twirling, and pulling in an effort to destroy itself; A system with many lessons in applied physics!. The helicopter is controlled though the cyclic variations of rotor pitch, using the force of gyroscopic procession to control the aircraft about its three axis. “Now that machine has got my attention.” Yes, I build and fly them too.

Two of our most significant accomplishments are the raising of my two sons, Travis and Todd. Both managed to amaze their mother and I by earning Master's Degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Florida. I can't go without saying, my most valued treasure is Elaine; She has supported me in whatever I do!

Thank you for visiting and be sure to check back! there are some good changes in the journey ahead!.


Ronald G. Mock

Ron’s Model & Woodworks


This is site continues to be developing. If anything is of interest, please let us know by contacting Ron's Hangar.

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