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Ron's Model & Woodworks continues to grow. Our plans are to offer the modeler a variety of radio control airplanes, engines and accessories. Another side to our operation, "woodworking", offering the customer a place to go for customized field support "Field Boxes", carriers, and stands to meet the customer's needs. If there is a specific need, let us know and we will work together to arrive at a design that best suits the need. If there is something you are looking for, contact us with your requirements for a quote!

Take a look around! An important part of this site are the reference sections: Links, Shop Talk, and Product Reviews. The site continues to change and new items are always being added. Be sure to check out the "Engines" page for the latest products. DLA Engines are expanding their line and we are the first to learn of new products. Don’t be misguided by other sites who claim to be a distributor for the DLA engine, here in the USA. There are other retailers who do sell them. We offer the best price, always! The key is our low overhead.


We Guarantee the best on-line prices in the US! If you find the same item at a lower price, let us know and we will match it. Due to our agreements with our manufacturers, reduced prices on some items can not be advertised.

We accept PayPal, check, Money Orders or Visa/Master Card (phone orders).

Don't see something you need? Let us know!!


New Products:


Check our "Engines" page..


"Specials" on Jeti can not be advertised. Call for pricing and don't miss out on savings!!

The DLA-64 Twin:

NEW DLA-128 4-cylinder Powerhouse!!



NEW DLA-64i2 In - Line Twin

DLA-64i2 In-Line Twin 

And... THE NEW DLA-116i2 In - Line Twin!!


These engiens are simply AWESOME!!

Improvements in the carburetor, main bearings, and connecting rod bearings render the DLA engine very reliable and are a joy to fly. Xi'an Feiao Model is the manufacturer of DLA Engines and not affiliated with any other manufacuturer. Check out the "Engines" page. Our company is an authorised distributor and repair center, exlusively for DLA Engines.

Check out the "Engines" page for prices, and more information!

Feel free to roam the site and if anything interests you, contact us. We accept cash on location and we continue to incorporate PayPal throughout the site. Until buttons are developed for all products, there will is the opportunity to download forms and fill in the blanks with your needs. In the Propellers section, a link will be found that will download and open A Word document, listing the image of each style/size of propeller. a space is provided for selecting and identifying a desired quantity. Save the form to the hard drive or storage device and fill in the blanks. This will also provide a "record" of the order. Email the form back to us and we will fill in all cost information and coordinate the totals for final decision.

If PayPal is not possible, we accept checks and money orders. If there is any question about a product, send us an email of what you are interested in and we will verify availability and get back to you.

On occasion, we offer some items at a discount. Due to specific agreements with suppliers, we can not always publish them on-line. If any of these items are of interested, contact us for pricing.

Order policy:

All "special orders" are processed as non-refundable. Special orders include merchandise ordered at the customer's request. Merchandise such as engines and radio systems are included under this policy.


Warranty Policy:

All items sold by Ron's Hangar carry the manufacturer's warranty (where applicable) and  will be honored by Ron's Hangar. Although we repair DLA engines, we do not cover warranty service on engines purchased from other on-line stores or hobby shops. In these instances, a repair service charge, including cost of parts and labor, and shipping to and from, will be the owner's responsibility.

We continue to add new items as well as enhancements to the site so be sure to check back!

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